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Start a Music School

An exciting opportunity awaits the music educator, who is looking for a professionally and financially rewarding option. The International School of Music offers a unique system providing stimulating programs for group tuition using the latest technology. ISM is not a franchise and no upfront or on ongoing fees are applicable. However all ISM and MSI schools work within the network environment and you can be part of this network while enjoying the freedom of self-employment.

On line support is always available in establishing your music school with continued assistance on an ongoing basis, if required. Where school visits are required, a consultancy fee will be charged. In-service programs will be available as an optional opportunity for ongoing training.

What are the equipment requirements?

To establish a music classroom, based on a class of 10 students, you will require at your own costs:

Who trains the music school teachers?

As we have a strong commitment to music education, a training seminar is provided to thoroughly prepare all teachers in our system. Training guides are issued, together with the opportunity to experience extensive teaching techniques within the training period. All teachers must be qualified through a teacher training seminar with an approved International School of Music instructor.
Courses available for training:

Where are the student materials ordered from?

International School of Music can supply all the student materials required for the courses. Orders must arrive from the on line booking form, found in the Login Area on this website. Orders will be posted or couriered and the freight charges will be invoiced to your account. Alternatively orders can be collected from Head Office in Sydney.

Price listings and costs may vary for International affiliations and will be determined and adjusted according to the costs and taxes of the specific country specifications.

Why not contact us today if you are interested in establishing your own music school, using our system of music education.

For further information, please contact

Ros Thrift +61 (02) 9489 8388 or email