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Welcome to International School of Music & Music Schools International

Comprehensive, contemporary and interactive, group music education for students of all ages.

Courses are specifically designed for each age group from 2 years and from age 4 to 12, piano tuition is integrated into our course curriculum. We teach all musical styles and aim to develop the musician through diversity in our musicianship programs. Our music classes are fun and effective. Students are grouped in small classes according to age and taught by talented and friendly teachers. After completion of the group courses, students may choose to continue their music education in individual lessons through our schools, studying for leisure or alternately working to reach the highest level of achievement through to advanced levels.

We teach music as a language: What you hear you sing; what you sing you play; what you play you read; what you read you write.

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  • Testimonials

    "Ros Thrift is an amazing person. She is very professional, caring and an awesome composer. Her creation of this curriculum (ISM/MSI) used in the network schools around the world, has great educational impact.  As a school director, it is the best music curriculum I have ever seen in my teaching c... Brian Simmons - MSI Peachtree City, Georgia USA

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