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After extensive research and recognising a need for more contemporary music programs for young students, Rosalind Thrift , ISM/MSI Network Director, developed and wrote new programs, integrating over 740 pieces of original music and in 1997 launched the International School of Music (ISM). ISM is now considered a market leader in music education for young students and many music educators who have a contemporary approach to music education, have embraced the ISM/MSI system and established very successful music schools. Our main aim is to foster a love of music using the piano as the practical instrument, however some students have been successful in attaining very high levels of musical achievement. They have received scholarships to tertiary institutions, awards in music competitions which has led them towards a career path in various fields of music.

In the USA, Canada and New Zealand, ISM operates under the name Music Schools International (MSI).

Our aim is to teach music as a language, with all skills being developed simultaneously. The instruction is aurally based to maximise learning in young students, encouraging not only a love of music, but an understanding of music.

The comprehensive concept of ISM courses is simple: what you hear, you sing; what you sing, you play; what you play, you read; what you read, you write.

The International School of Music provides beginner music courses in group tuition for students from 2 years of age to teen. Advanced level programs continue after the completion of the elementary levels.  All our programs are contemporary and supported by speed variable backing tracks, covering all musical styles and they have been carefully structured to give the maximum benefit to each student, developing all technical and musical components.

As we have a strong commitment to music education, a training seminar is provided to thoroughly prepare all teachers in our system. All licensed teachers will have the opportunity to experience extensive teaching techniques within the training period.

In addition ISM schools operate under a non – franchised music school network, both nationally and internationally.  All schools are fully supported during establishment with continuous ongoing assistance when required. ISM network team camaraderie is encouraged, which gives a greater breadth of support and connection between the music schools operating within the network.